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Something Better. That's exactly what you’re looking for as you move forward in your career.  Whether, “something better” to you means expanding your knowledge base, greater income potential, or a fresh start, ICS/TeleVoIPs is a fast growing company that’s worth looking at.

We are searching for IT and Sales professionals with the experience, drive and skills to join our growing team.  ICS/TeleVoIPs offers:

- Challenging IT projects with endless opportunities to grow and learn

- Compensation packages that are very competitive

- Convenient location off I-75 and US 60/Adamo in East Tampa

Please click on the listing below to get a full description of the position.

To apply, please fax a cover letter, and resume to (813) 319-2864 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Current List of Career Opportunities with ICS

Outside Sales Rep

Inside Sales Rep

Client Services IT Support Specialist

Spam Filtering

Our powerful spam filtering solutions stop spam in its tracks and is continuously updated to stay up to date with the most recent spam and viruses going around.  With mail being routed through our spam filtering service before it reaches your email server or mailbox, it stops the problem of spam taking up valuable space and causing further problems.  Any mail that the spam filter captures is then released to the user is a daily held mail report to allow the user to view and request a whitelist for the email account or domain it was sent from.  Also, companies with on-site exchange servers will have their mail held by the spam filtering service if their server ever goes down for a certain period of time.  When the server comes back online, mail will then be delivered to the server and then to the corresponding users.  Large clients with over 100 mailboxes have seen a reduction of over 10,000 spam emails every day averaging a spam email being captured on average every 8 seconds and 100MB of spam a week.  Smaller clients from 5-30 people have seen an average reduction of 50-600 emails a day with a spam email averaging every five minutes.  Detailed breakdowns on how much spam was caught in the past seven days, the categories of spam for the past 30 days, and a detailed chart of inbound mail and how much was spam is always available to the company.  Call us today for more information.

About ICS

Established in 2004, Infinity Computer Solutions of Tampa Bay was created by President/Owner R. Grant Baxley - in response to a market in need of Technical advice and services. Since the begining it has been our goal to provide quality services and support to the local businesses in the Brandon and Tampa Bay area. ICS provides IT and Server support, Server Migration/Installation, Server Virtualization, Web Services, VOIP Telephony, and Hosted solutions.

ICS Team


Our clients find it very appealing when they can pick up the phone for any IT related issue and know exactly who to call. If your looking for an all in one solution or just need guidance in making IT descisions give us a call. Please visit ourTestimonials page for what our clients have to say about us.

R. Grant Baxley
Infinity Computer Solution

Hosted Services

Infinity Computer Solutions offers a wide range of hosted services in the cloud on our reliable, high available, fault tolerant clouds.  Our hosted services include webhosting, virtual servers, remote backup, hosted Microsoft Exchange, remote desktop services, spam filtering, and voice over internet protocol (VoIP).  ICS is a full service IT Company and can supply any IT solution that your business needs.

We offer domains and multiple webhosting plans to supply any business with an online presence.  Remote backup allows your company to store important files and images of your server off-site to make sure your data is always safe.  Hosted Microsoft Exchange comes with our powerful spam filtering solutions which is the perfect solution to spam problems (also available without hosted Exchange).  For more detailed information about any of our powerful services follow the links below.

24/7 Help Desk Virtual Servers Webhosting Monitoring
Business Continuity Remote Backup Remote Desktop Services Backup and Disaster Recovery
Managed Services Hosted Exchange Spam Filtering Hosted VoIP
Build your own Cloud


Backup and Disaster Recovery

  ICS understands that a crucial part of your business is for your network and Servers to be up and running with no downtime. With traditional backup services, end users will experience downtime while servers are reconfigured, parts are replaced, and data is restored. To avoid this, ICS recommends a BDR (Backup, Disaster, and Recovery) solution that virtualizes your servers on the network in the event of failure. Virtualizing failed servers allows for continual uptime and is transparent to your users and clients, allowing business to continue as normal.  In addition, our BDR solution also provides for automated and secure remote backup to protect your data in the event of total disaster.

The BDR appliances offers business continuity by:

  • Up to Date Backups – Your data will be saved as often as every 15 minutes to guarantee the most accurate data.
  • Fast Recovery – Have your data back up and running on a virtual server in under 20 minutes.
  • Reliability – With a BDR appliance containing multiple mirrored storage devices, should one hard drive fail, the other drives will pick up the slack.
  • Mail Retention & Recovery – Even if your original mail server is completely destroyed, your Exchange records can be recovered in minutes.
  • Bare Metal & Virtualization Restore – Restore your server to a virtual server, an identically configured physical server, or a server with different hardware components.
  • Offsite Storage – Duplicate your backup to a remote facility to ensure that even if your building is gone, your business won’t be.

Paper records are shrinking daily, placing more emphasis on your digital data than ever before.  With a BDR solution from ICS, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got your back-up.

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